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Johnny McCabe @ 087-8105919
Alan Gray  @ 087-1205616

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3 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Hey. I’m just looking for a bit of general info about the course. I’m an intermediate level runner and have started training for a Half Marathon. I’m running a few years and can easily do 10km runs and a bit more. i love the look of the course and the run sound like fun. I was wondering how tough the course is? Would it be suitable for a first time half marathon runner?

    • The Route:

      The Cooley Legends Half Marathon starts on a prolonged climb over the shoulder of the Cooley Range. In this case 6 kilometres, with a climb of around 330m (a very gentle 5.5% gradient but with a few much steeper spots). A fast descent follows, dropping 200m in 2km before a long flattish stretch as you run firsty north to the ‘Long Woman’s Grave’ then south in the shadow of Carlingford Mountain. Just after the 14km point you climb over the shoulder of Carlingford Mountain a climb of about 150m and of two kilometres length. The second climb, with its 7.5% ascent grade is tougher than the first in those terms, and could prove decisive if the battle is still close at this point. You finish with 3 kilometres of furious downhill until you hit sea-level outside Carlingford to run the final 2.1km on flat tarmac.

      Sixty percent of the race is on trail, mainly over the shoulders of the two Cooley mountains braved on the day. The rest is tarmac road.

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