Cooley legend – Cuchulainn

Additional Winners Trophy

With the year that’s in it, and the fact that Cuchulainn is the Legend of all ‘Cooley Legends’ , it was decided to present this bronze statue of the legendary Irish hero Cuchulainn, by Irish sculptor Oliver Sheppard, being a memorial to the participants of the 1916 rising.
the legend relates that when mortally wounded in battle, Cuchulainn tied himself to a pillar so that he might face his enemies, even in death. Only when a raven perched on his shoulder did they dare to approach.
This memorial was unveiled at the GPO, Dublin, on Easter Sunday, 21st April, 1935. Inscribed underneath are the names of the seven signatories of the proclamation of the Irish Republic.image


Calling Legends 2016

Provisional date for Cooley Legends Half Marathon & 10k set for Saturday, 16th April, 2016..

Thanks again for your participation in the Legends 2015 run. Donations to the followings were made with much appreciation :-

M.S. Society (local branch) €200

Carlingford Red Cross €150

Irish Breast Cancer Society €900

Chapeau one and all.


Legends 2015 results

Results can be found on  HERE for the Half Marathon and HERE for the 10k.

Martin Campbell 13 01:31:59
Adrian Farrell 33 01:32:07
Niall O’rourke 92 01:32:43

2015 Event Date – 18th April, 2015

The 6th Cooley Legends Half Marathon & 10k will take place on Saturday, 18th April, 2015. Registration will take place at the Foy Center, Carlingford, opposite church.

Online registration opening by end of October on