On the Day


Limited parking is located at The Foy Center, so it is advised that you arrive early morning.  Parking is also available in the village streets. A map of  The Foy Center were race registration will take place can be viewed HERE 

Water & Feed Stations

There will be feed stations located at 5 and 9 mile distances. There will be water served in cups, bananas and nuts and raisins available at these points. Please do not litter the trail. Bins will be provided, please use them and please ……………………’Leave No Trace’



t registration, you will be issued with your race number, your timing chip, your allocated bus time and number, taking you to the start location. Race briefing, for all competitors, will take place at 8.40am prior to bus departures. All competitors must use to buses to the start location, that way we can ensure all competitors registered, will arrive on time for the start of the Legends run.

Before you get the bus and start

Please ensure that you have attached your ‘Chip it’ timing chip to your ankle and attach your number to the front of the garment you are wearing, ensuring that it is visible.

All participants must attend the race briefing at The Foy Center at 8.40am the morning of the race.

Please check that you have saved the mobile numbers of the race organisers into your phone.

Select the correct numbered bus you were allocated at registration, to take you to the start line. Remember, it’s a one way ticket !!

The two aid stations on the course have a limited supply of water and snack food, please ensure you bring enough required for your own personal effort and calorie  intake.

Timing System

The timing system that will be used for the event is ‘Chip It’

Course Markings

For the most part of the course, participants will follow The Táin Way markings (Black post/wee yellow man walking ! ) unless otherwise directed. Additional markings will be yellow flourescent arrow markers, all of which will be removed after the event.

Ingredients for a successful Legends Run


Participants of the Legends Run who eat breakfast have better energy levels, and recover faster from training.  Make sure your breakfast contains both carbs and protein. Toast is not enough!!

• Have a breakfast based around Rolled oats. Either a Natural Muesli or Porridge. Throw in some Fruit or Berries, Yoghurt and Milk.
• Make a Super Smoothie. Use Milk, Yoghurt, Fruit or Berries, Skim Milk Powder, Ground LSA (Linseed, Sunflower seeds and Almonds), Ice and blend. Yum, Yum !!!
• Baked Beans on Toast with poached Eggs is a classic, I live on it and the Home Bakery, of course.

Training Nutrition

The ‘Performance Zone’ includes what you eat and drink before, during and after exercise.

Rule 1: Have a meal or snack (with carbs and protein) and a 500ml drink before every training session.

• Peanut butter jam brown bread Sandwich. ( can add banana an’  honey)
• A tin of canned rice and fruit
• A muesli bar, yoghurt and  fruit

Rule 2:Plan to take in 40-70g of carbs for every hour you train and at least 500mls of fluid. Read food labels on different foods and drinks to work out if you are getting enough. Trial foods and fluids in training to see what works for you. For longer trainings (greater than 2 hours) you can use foods that contain protein as well, a small chicken or tuna cheese sandwich.

Rule 3:You must consume foods or fluids that contain 100g carbs and 20-30g protein in the next 30mins after your training session. This could be in the form of a meal or snack. This is the most active time for recovery. Don’t miss it, you’ll feel the difference, in time.